Applying foundation tips and tricks

IMAN foundations and shades have been formulated to match and even-out skin tone perfectly so IMAN has the perfect foundation for you!
For a flawless application, apply foundation to one area of the face at a time: cheek and jaw line, forehead, under eyes.
Apply foundation in the direction her facial hair grows – from the cheek down to the jaw line. This will minimize the appearance of fine hairs and give her an even texture.

Step 1 - Begin with concealer. If you need medium coverage for dark under-eye circles minor blemishes, choose CORRECTIVE CONCEALER. For more serious imperfections, opt for COVER CREAM ENRICHED WITH MINERALS.

Step 2 - FOUNDATION:Determine the best foundation type for your skin
For light coverage: LUMINOUS FOUNDATION (applied dry)
For medium coverage: LUMINOUS FOUNDATION (applied with a moist sponge) or STICK FOUNDATION
For full coverage: CREAM TO POWDER or COVER CREAM

Step 3 - POWDER, Choose the IMAN powder that best suits your skin type and needs
LUXURY PRESSED POWDER is a medium coverage powder for all skin types.
PERFECT RESPONSE POWDER is a medium coverage powder formulated to minimize shine. It is ideal for oily skin types.
SEMI LOOSE POWDER ENRICHED WITH MINERALS is a translucent, semi-sheer powder, perfect for use with Cover Cream. It has a center core formulated with corn powders and silk to absorb excess oil.


For light coverage, dab this créme formula on localized areas on the face and smooth with your fingers.

Finish your look with an Iman Luxury Pressed Powder

or  IMAN Perfect Response Oil Blotting Powder in a matching shade.



For medium coverage, stroke a foundation sponge over the créme makeup and apply over face with a sweeping motion.

Follow up with an IMAN Luxury Pressed Powder

or IMAN Perfect Response Oil Blotting Powder in a matching shade.



For full coverage, apply IMAN Second to None Stick Foundation over entire face in stripes on the forehead, under both eyes, and on the chin.

Blend makeup over the entire face with a foundation sponge.

Add the IMAN Second to None Cream to Powder Foundation to close any foundation gaps and complete your base with an IMAN Luxury Pressed Powder or IMAN Perfect Response Oil Blotting Powder.