About Our Contour and Highlighter Collection

Contouring and highlighting are is an increasingly popular ways to add subtle definition to your face, placing emphasis on certain facial areas like the cheekbones, eye creases, or nose. While this isn’t necessarily meant to be as noticeable as other makeup elements, the structures you’re highlighting will be. No matter what shade or type of skin you have, our contour and highlighter options will allow you to beautifully add that extra layer of richness to your makeup. We offer the best contour and highlight palettes and sticks for women of all colors!

The Luxury Highlighter stick is a versatile and easy highlighting product that will add warmth to your face, lips, or around your eyes. It glides onto the face as a rich, silky cream that offers shimmer and dimension. This stick can be used on cheekbones, brow bones, the nose, or jawline. Its quick application will make highlighting your face an easy job! Choose from three different shades of pinks like Glamour Girl and Hot Shot, as well as our bronze Gold Digger for that flawless look.

Bronzing makeup is an all-around complexion enhancer that can be used for contouring or blush. Our Sheer Finish Bronzing Powder comes in three different options, with two solid palettes and one trio. While the solid bronzers are great alone, the trio is the ultimate 3-in-1 for blush and highlighter. Our Luxury Contour Trio is designed specifically as a sculpting and defining palette. These include a “how-to” guide to ensure you contour your face perfectly! We recommend applying your contour and highlighter in natural light, as the light indoors may not show unblended lines and unevenness. Contouring down the center of your nose will offer a slimming effect and highlighting your cheek and jaw bones will give you that supermodel look. These are just two of the many ways you can contour your face or neck.

When done correctly, you can create a convincingly professional makeup job with the best contouring products available!