About Our Powders

If you’ve never used a setting powder, it may seem superfluous. However, these products make all the difference between looking picture perfect and wishing you had blotted your face before taking that last photo! Using powder can help you keep factors like oil and unevenness at bay. We offer the best makeup face powder for all women of color, providing light coverage for even the deepest of skin tones.

Our Second To None line offers two powder options, one pressed and the other semi-pressed. The semi-pressed is a good compact powder that is formulated with corn silk and silk powders to provide an even and shine-free look. It comes in a range of long-lasting five shades that maintain a light powder finish. Our Cream to Powder option in the Second To None line has a smooth application feel with a powder finish that can be used for full coverage. It’s made with vitamins A and E for skin nourishment and care and is available in 12 shades.

Some of our best powder options are products that set your face before you head out for the day or evening. The Luxury Pressed Powder is designed to be extremely lightweight and control oil. It will give your face a nice matte finish to make it last longer. Similarly, the Luxury Translucent Powder is a finisher that also controls oil and offers a matte look. As a translucent product, it cannot be used as a stand-alone like the pressed powder. Another great setting powder is the Oil-Blotting Pressed Powderwhich provides light coverage. This offering is specifically designed to minimize oiliness, so it’s ideal for those who struggle with oily skin that don’t need the coverage of more substantial foundations. Each of these compacts is perfect to have on hand for touch-ups after dinner, drinks, days at work, and so much more.

The best bb powder is able to not only keep your face looking fresh but also control oil and offer light coverage. IMAN’s setting powder collection offers quality options that stand up to their names.