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To counterfeit means to make in exact imitation of an item with the intention of deceiving the buyer. From time to time, our customers have encountered goods that may appear to be authentic IMAN Cosmetics products, but lack the superior quality and value that our brand stands for. All IMAN Cosmetics products are FDA approved and laboratory tested for consumer safety, irritation and sensitivity, product stability, ingredient preservation, product efficacy, and package compatibility.

IMAN Cosmetics has a commitment to excellence in product development and quality for Women with Skin of Color. Our product development team has over 20 years of experience in the industry and works diligently to provide the most current and advanced ingredients and utilize the best possible packaging options. To ensure the proper quality and authenticity of our products, we are only sold exclusively to major retailers directly or via established distributors who resell to store locations. Globally, the brand is also only sold via established distributors to major retailers. Because of this, we cannot accept any responsibility for products purchased from unauthorized retailers.


In order to guarantee authentic, safe, high-quality products to our customers, IMAN Cosmetics wholesales to a select group of retailers globally, both online and in-stores. IMAN Cosmetics strongly recommends customers only purchase from official IMAN Cosmetics retailers.

In the US, IMAN Cosmetics are sold on and by select retailers both in-stores and online. To be certain that you are purchasing authentic IMAN Cosmetics products, please visit our Find-A-Store page to locate IMAN Cosmetics at an authorized retailer near you.
Internationally, the brand is sold in Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean in select department stores. To find a store in your region, please visit our international Find-A-Store page.

To view the full list of authorized IMAN distributors and resellers, click here.

If you have additional questions regarding the authenticity of IMAN Cosmetics products, please email us at


While some sellers of IMAN Cosmetics may have obtained their products in a legal manner, we do not directly sell to these companies and therefore cannot assure the authenticity or condition of any of the products that they claim to sell.

To view the full list of unauthorized IMAN distributors and resellers, click here.


To report IMAN Cosmetics counterfeits, please email us at or through our contact form. The following information is beneficial for us in order to take action against a counterfeiter:

  • Location Name and Address (if in-store)
  • Web URL (if online)
  • Product(s) Being Sold
  • Details of any Trademarks (the IMAN Cosmetics logo or specific designs)
  • Photos

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The IMAN Cosmetics Guide To Protecting Your Skin, Wallet, Dignity From Counterfeit Makeup



Everybody loves a bargain. But, beauty buyers beware! Sometimes finding your favorite products in unusual places or at rock bottom prices is really too good to be true.

From handbags, to designer jeans, to makeup and skin care, counterfeiters prey on unknowing consumers by producing and selling subpar products, with unregulated ingredients, under questionable conditions.

According to CBS News, $1.4 billion of makeup and other knockoff products, like toothpaste and cologne, were seized by US Customs and Border Protection last year alone!

At IMAN Cosmetics, our team of regulatory experts, along with our distributors, retailers and our loyal customers find countless examples of counterfeit products around the world that look close to the real thing but are far from it. Not only is this criminal activity, but it’s also a threat to public safety that puts you at risk!

Haven Cruise, a victim of counterfeit makeup. Via CBS News.

Here’s why knock-offs are such a big deal. Those makeup and personal hygiene products that look enticing because they’re priced lower than the real thing, they more than likely contain harmful contaminants like bacteria, even feces. Knockoffs are often manufactured in unsanitary conditions using cheaper, unregulated, sometimes expired or illegal ingredients. These products slip between the cracks of FDA and other global safety testing regulations.

In other words, you have no idea what you’re getting when you buy a fake. It may look similar to your favorite product, but could be made in a filthy factory using materials that are not listed on the box. You deserve better!

Refinery 29 recently caught up with some victims of the bootleg beauty industry. Haven Cruise, a Florida woman, woke up with a painful rash on her cheeks and temples after using knock-off setting powder. The authentic product was priced at $22, but she was duped by misleading advertising and a $6 bargain.

Vlogger Jordan Byers suffered a chemical burn from a similar dupe, while Missy Chrissy’s tongue went numb after testing knock-offs. The list goes on. So you get the idea?

Our suggestion is to always triple check that what you are purchasing is authentic. Be sure that you’re getting the real deal by shopping directly from a brand’s website or using their store locator and list of trusted sellers.

Low prices may seem attractive and slick wording might be alluring, but no bargain is worth winding up in the ER or worse because a shameless con artist capitalize on your misfortune.

Shop,, Walmart, Target, CVS and other retailers listed on our store locator. Then click right here for more information about counterfeit goods and protecting your health and safety.

Be vigilant, be safe, and be fab!