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{Iman Tips} Uneven skin tone and hyperpigmented skin : recognize, prevent and heal

Posted on 18 December 2015

iman tips for hyperpigmented skin

How to recognize ?

The black and mixed skins are prone to pigmentation disorders. Any inflammation (single scratch, insect bite, button, friction) hormonal changes (pregnancy) or taking certain medications can cause increased melanin rise and the appearance of dark spots. Instead, a burn injury can produce depigmentation and white spots.


These disorders may be solutionnent spontaneously, but the process can take months ... or years. Sometimes the stain remains indelible. Treat spots and uneven skin tone is good, that is if you use safe products without hydroquinone, cortisone or other health hazard and also banned in the European Community components.

Prevention is even better! The use of skin care products suited to your skin type can limit the appearance of skin disorders and blemishes they cause. Do not forget it. Rate: over a stain is old, it will be more difficult to overcome. Think of the process as soon as possible!


Iman recommands



Liquid Assets Oil Free Gel Cleanser

Moisten face, apply the cleaner in a circular motion, then rinse gel. Iman Liquid Assets Oil-Free Gel Cleanser

Dry the face by light tapping without rubbing.

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Under Cover Agent Oil Control Primer

Apply after your moisturizer.
Shake well before use.
Be used alone or makeup base.
Can be used instead of the powder as a small retouching makeup at any time of the day.

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Iman All Day Moisture Complex

Apply morning and evening on face and neck thoroughly cleansed with IMAN Gentle Foaming Cleanser, and tonified with IMAN Refreshing Lotion.

Warm and help penetrate and massage gently with fingertips.


In case of dark circles, apply Eye Cream around the edge of the eye without rubbing, patting to help the penetration of active ingredients.

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